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Pythian Historical Items

Please enjoy this page, the brainchild of PACDGC Lowell Goldberg (Genesis Lodge #64), where Grand Lodge invites Pythians to submit archival photos, newsletters, articles and more about our past. This dynamic page, first created on January 12, 2020, accepts material for consideration and hopes to provide nice memories and historical notes. It includes items of interest not found in Pythian News. If you have anything to submit (Please do not self censor.), please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Pythian Founder Justus Rathbone & the Rathbone Monument (updated 2020-03-15 to include original pic - see page 3.)

Knights of Pythias Honor Hero Who Saved Lives; Fraternal & Charitable Order rededicate Monument to Peter Woodland who gave his life to save others in 1880.
(from Advisory in Pythian News about November 5, 2016 re-dedication; updated with before and after photo July 17, 2020)

Haverstraw #877 (October 28, 1903)

Pythian Castle (1913)

WWI Veterans Monument at Central Park & 150th commemorates Pythians who gave their lives in the First World War Knights (originally posted in Pythian News
updated 2020-07-17)

Pythian WWI Monument erected by Cosmopolitan Lodge #202 (1922)

Cajon Camelot Southern California Clubhpuse erected in 1928 succumbed to the Great Flood of 1938 abd torn down in 1939 as part of the need to realign Route 66 (1928-1938)

1944-Sovereign Senators Lodge #463 a donated WWII Fighter Plane (1944)

1950-Ambassador Lodge #664 (1950)

1954-Triboro Lodge #800 (1954)

1958-Ranks at Ambassador Lodge #664 (1958)

ACDGC_Stan_Rubin_Homecoming (February 1978)

Some News from 1978 (1978)

Pythian Knight (Convention Highlights) (August 1978)

Grand Convention at the Concord (YouTube video, 1983)

Grand Outer Guard candidates (from Pythian Knight, June 1984)

Huge Throng Honors Grand Chancellor Stanley Brown (April 25, 1987)

Grand Outer Guard candidates (August 1987)

Grand Lodge Officers, Team and Committee Chairs (1987-1988)

Grand Lodge Officers, Team and Committee Chairs (1988-1989)

Julian Martin's Grand Chancellor Dinner (YouTube video, 1990)

Grand Chancellor Julian Martin's Homecoming (1990)

Grand Chief Anne Gropper's Message (June 1990)

South Nassau Lodge (1990)

Sir Norman Kriegel (March 1990)

Grand_Lodge (1990-1991; from Sept. 1990 Pythian Knight)

Albany City Lodge (undated)

NY Grand Lodge Once Occupied Manhattan's West Side (undated)

Historical Gravemarkers (undated)

Historical Ornaments (undated; document one of two)

Historical Ornaments (Watch Fobs) (undated; document two of two)




Notable Pythians (last updated August 13, 2020)
This link includes various pictures. Please check it out.